Parcels Handling

Your Worldwide Logistics Partner

We offer an international courier service supported by a worldwide air transport network offering fast delivery solutions. There is a choice of different levels of speed and price suggestions. We belong to a logistics network which includes our partners’ network covering Scandinavia as well as the Baltic States cities.

24EXPRESS TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS OÜ is known for its express logistics. Our guaranteed delivery services allow for your parcel to be delivered to Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden on the same day, overnight or the next day. Our target is always accurate delivery even in the case of complex logistical needs. Our customised services are designed to meet each specific customer’s needs.

The fastest International courier service in Estonia!

  • Parcel delivery covering Estonia the same day same day
  • Parcel delivery to Finland the same day
  • Parcel delivery to major European cities within 1 day
  • Parcel delivery over Europe within 2 days
  • Parcel delivery to the biggest cities worldwide within 2 days